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My name is cimone Holloway.

Cimone Holloway is a distinguished graduate of the University of Southern California, holding a Maaster's degree in Legal Studies. With a keen intellect and a passion for legal scholarship, Cimone has demonstrated exceptional dedication to advancing her understanding of legal principles and their practical applications. Throughout her academic journey, she exhibited a commitment to excellence, earning accolades for her rigorous coursework and contributions to the field. Learn more by clicking the button below!



At Beverly Virginia Consulting Services LLC, we specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of services to meet your legal and business needs. Our expertise spans a range of critical areas, including:​

Client Praise

"Beverly Virginia Consulting Services created the online store for my business. She took her time, added a taste of her own creativity, and completely brought my vision to life. My customers cannot get enough of how beautiful my site is and how easy it is to navigate it!"

-The EdSperience CDC

Thank you so much BVCS LLC for assisting So Financial Consulting Services, LLC with such professionalism, creativity, and time-efficiency. You have helped us develop a formal business plan with such ease. BVCS LLC also took the time out to extend their services of designing amazing business cards for us. SFCS LLC gives great gratitude  for making this business experience one of the best experiences. We look forward to working with you again soon.

-So Financial Consulting Services LLC

"As a transportation service, you have to consider a lot of factors a client can hold you liable for; I was unaware of this. BVCS encouraged me to get a Waiver and Release from Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement drafted to have all of my clients sign before booking my service. The document is easy to understand, and it was drafted just in time for my first large group."

-H3 Exclusive Transportation & Security

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